Welcome to JJ Harrington Online Gallery

Welcome to JJ Harrington Online Gallery

For over 10 years, I served as manager and curator of Colin Fisher Studios, one of the Coachella Valley's most unique galleries.  My knowledge of art and design can be greatly attributed to Colin Fisher, known to the world as a premier collector and exceptional curator of art, sculptor and antiquities.  I can also look to my parents John & Jane Harrington, who imbued me with a great appreciation and knowledge of art, music, and history.  They greatly believed in the importance of art education.

The goal of JJ Harrington Online Gallery to remain a significant source of art, sculptor and more for Interior Designers and art collectors throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  As such, we have brought together the best established, as well as emerging artists and sculptors.   JJ Harrington Gallery also offers art placement and installation services within the Coachella Valley and other areas in Riverside County and the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego.


To ensure that you enjoy your shopping

experience, we do our best to add new works as often as possible.   Additionally, we will work closely with you on your projects to help you locate the perfect works of art, photography and sculptures.


Our main gallery is scheduled to open on November 16, 2019. 

 J J Harrington Gallery

68995 Perez Road, Suite I-4

Cathedral City, CA  99234



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Michael Harrington
Elizabeth Harrington Santos-Perez and Steven Perez