Artist: Linda Atkins


Linda Atkins’ paintings express female sensuality and glamour with vibrant, lusciously painted lips that are often enjoying the sweet virtues of sucking on a lollipop.  Filled with whimsy, fantasy and fun, Linda’s paintings incorporate a myriad of familiar, provocative subjects and objects.   In 2017 Linda Trademarked “All American Lollipop” conceived to capture gestures of joy, pleasure as an overall theme for this genre of her paintings.


Artists Tom Wesselman, Alex Katz and Marilyn Minter have been inspiring influences embracing sensual pleasure with simplicity of line, detail and bold use of color.  Linda works with acrylic paint and in her unique style incorporates the use of resin to enhance the lollipop’s surface glow.  She applies this challenging technique in her Marilyn Monroe series of Sunglass paintings which are highly reflective with additional submerging gemstones to create shimmering effects.  Linda continually explores new techniques.


Graduating from San Jose State University, Linda continued her education at UCLA in Interior Design. She had a successful interior design business for many years in Beverly Hills.  Further studies in art include The Art Students League, Otis Art Institute, private studies with artists Barbara Hagar, Tom Wudl and Kwok Wei Lau.


Linda’s paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, the Palm Springs Art Museum, Archangel Gallery, Ruth Bachofner Gallery and has participated in numerous Juried art shows, most recently in the upcoming Artists Council “Reflections 2020”.