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Gregg Felsen          




A native of Minneapolis and current resident of Palm Springs, Gregg Felsen is an accomplished and well-respected photographer. Felsen specializes in photography of social, corporate, family, and athletic events; weddings; portraits of adults and children; fashion shows; vintage motorcars; architecture; and landscapes.

Felsen is blessed with an intuitive eye for composition and the ability to transform visual encounters with the world into memorable and lasting images. His experience, sense of visual artistry and composition, as well as his photojournalistic, personable, and unobtrusive style combine to capture the emotions and essence of each event, assignment, or portrait session and to deliver compelling and memorable images.


“Most photographers are intent on documenting the moment”, Felsen says, “but I am always looking for something a little different, a little more artistic than the standard shot. I am always trying to capture images that are unique and which will separate my work from that of other photographers.” 

Felsen also designs and creates professional, hard-cover, custom photo books for brides & grooms, individuals, companies, and organizations. For events, he also offers high quality 5”x7” prints which are available at the end of any function.

In addition to photography, Felsen is also a writer who has had three books published, has several other book projects in various stages of completion. He has also contributed photographs and written articles for such prestigious publications at Palm Springs Life, Desert Magazine, Mpls/St. Paul Magazine, and Biography Magazine.

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