Artist: Janet Cass

Title: "Eyes of Light and Shadow"

Description: Abstract, oil on canvas

Dimensions: 48 x 60




Like so many people in these difficult times who feel helpless and want to help others who are need of support, artist Janet Cass is participating in a COVID19 Sales Event benefitting F.I.N.D. Food Bank (visit for more information on the non-profit organization helping to feed hundreds and hundreds of people who have been financially devasted by the virus).  


Each work of art included in the F.I.N.D. Food Bank Fundraising Event is tagged on the artist's gallery page and is listed at 50% off the retail price.  In addition, JJ Harrington Gallery will donate 20% of all sales to F.I.N.D.  


In addition, your purchases will support our artists, many of whom make a living from their artistry.  They to have been impacted by COVID19.  We cannot let this pandemic silence their creativity.  Art is essential in our lives and a source of healing.  It also is fundamental to the growth and preservation of society and cultures around the world.


As a final thought, remember that we are one people under the same sun, united in our fight against the real enemy - COVID19.   


We thank you for your support.  


"Eyes of Light and Shadow" by Janet Cass

$5,700.00 Regular Price
$2,800.00Sale Price

    Janet Cass is a fine art photographer and painter living and working in Avalon, NJ and Palm Springs, CA.  She creates large fine art photographic images that are meant to be felt as much as seen, and each image is essentially an abstract painting.  Janet does minimal post-production and relies on what comes through the lens.  “I like to allow matters to evolve, letting the images come to me, and a remarkable variety of very different images are the result."

    The “Song of Solitude” photographic portfolio is the result of Janet’s exploration of the saltgrass that thrives along with New Jersey’s coastal barrier islands.  She makes daily treks into the tidal wetlands in her kayak, no matter the weather, and dares to take her camera with her.  She paddles deep into the hidden grassland to places most people have no idea exist, inaccessible by motorboat and completely ignored by cars speeding over bridges.  The intimacy of being out alone and so close to the water permits her to see, feel, and absorb this vast wilderness.  She believes her images are of timelessness, contemplation, and presence.​

    When not photographing, Janet turns her attention to her painting.  Despite the growing number of followers and collectors of her fine art paintings, she remains an ever-evolving subject of art with considerable patience and discipline and is still willing to take risks in cultivating and refining her creative processes.  

    Inspired by nature and the environment, Janet's abstract paintings might be considered wholly minimalist and restrained.  The reality is that there is an intensity and vibrancy in her work that is enhanced by her layering techniques and selection of vivid colors. 

    Janet Cass's paintings and fine art photography have been featured in a number of competitions and exhibitions in the East Coast and California.  Each year, she splits her time working in her studios situated along the waterways of Avalon, New Jersey, and the other in Palm Springs, California.  


    2016 “Jazz” from the portfolio titled ”Capturing Rhythm”,  Palm Springs Art Museum, permanent collection.

    2105 New York-Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY

    2014 The National Board of Medical Examiners, Philadelphia, PA

    Private collections in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Naples, Los Angles, San Francisco, and Boulder


    2017 Images from the “Songs of Solitude” Photographic Portfolio have been selected for the City of Indio, California Art, and Historic Preservation Commission programs.  Her work will be part of the inaugural exhibition in 2017, projected onto the Coachella Valley History Museum‘s vintage water tower.


    BFA - Painting Kutztown University, Pennsylvania 

    Continuing Studies, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia