Artist: Stephanie Cate

Title: Europa 36

Medium: Acrylic on canvas stretched over panel, signed verso.

48" h x 48"w x 3"d

"Europa 36" by Stephanie Cate

  • Stephanie Cate is an abstract painter based out of Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, California. She spent two years as an apprentice for a muralist in Santa Monica, painting large scale murals for casinos in Las Vegas and private residences before earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in painting from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston.  Stephanie returned to her original love of pure abstraction to reconnect further with freshness and liberation of texture, line, shape and color. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions throughout the United States, and can be found in a number of prominent collections. 


    In this exceptional abstract painting titled EUROPA 36, Stephanie's intuitive skill at layering and texturing is exceptional.  She creates veils of color and shapes that interconnect and draw together ambiguous spaces.  In the end there is a carefully choreographed dance between bold gestural strokes, polarities and the fragile veiled shadows that create a dialogue of tension, sensuality and contemplation.