Artist: Jody Levinson

Title: Caliente y Frio

Mixed media on birch panel 

72 x 48 



"Caliente y Frio" by Jody Levinson


    Attacking the surface physically, I strike with energy, strength and confidence. Gestural lines and determined marks become the armature of my work, creating a visual skeleton. Followed by meticulous editing and reexamination, I coax a gentle energy and lyrical line out of the piece.

    Using abstraction and mark making, I respond to various personal themes in my life, (personal power, feminine roles, childhood secrets) using essential elements such as color, tone, line, form, texture and the fundamental graphic considerations of composition. 

    I am undeniably drawn to the call, curiosity and exploration of art making. My goal is to compel the viewer’s imagination and emotions, to think and feel, in their own unique and personal way in response to my work.


    Jody Levinson grew up outside of Philadelphia and moved to California in 2014.

    After studying fine arts at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, she worked in the art field for many years. She sold her business and returned to art school in 2007.

    She has studied consistently since that time at numerous institutions including:

    Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Main Line Art Center, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

    Wayne Art Center, Wayne, Pennsylvania 

    ICP, New York

    Maine Media College, Camden, Maine

    She currently resides in Palm Springs, Ca., working daily out of her studio where she continues to partner with art consultants, designers and galleries that place her work locally and globally.