Artist: Scott Donadio

Title: Abstract Sculpture C

Description: Abstract sculpture, white marble, African hardwood base

Dimensions: 6.25"h x 5"w x 2 1/5"d

Abstract Sculpture C by Scott Donadio

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    Scott Donadio

    Scott Donadio is a sculptor who lives in Santa Barbara, California and has been focusing on his carvings for the past twenty-five years. Originally from Massachusetts, where he was born in 1961, Scott is active in the art community of Santa Barbara.

    Working in stone is Scott’s passion. "I love stone," he says, "I have an uncontrollable urge to create, particularly the intangible - trying to resolve the intangible and resolving the unknown through the creative process. I may have an image in my mind, and if I find the right stone, I can get it out of there. But a lot of it is already in the stone, and you just have to know the language to get it out."

    Scott uses hammer and chisel as his primary tools. "I’m a cave-man. It is archaic but that’s a part of what I am intrigued about - it’s sort of void of modern technology. There are a lot of modern tools, a lot of diamond and carbide products, which I use sometimes. The hammer and chisel however, are my main tools. I consider it the fine art of training. I may start with a larger stone than what I need for a particular project, but sooner or later I have to stop, or it simply goes away; it demands finalization. I love Italian marbles because they behave well, the grain is tight and it has a very classic feel to it. I like granite because it is super hard and taking millions of years to form, and it will be around forever. Choosing the right stone is a major part of the process, but the vision supersedes the beauty of the stone. Marble has a fleshy lifelike character. I carve any type of stone. Italian marble has lifelike qualities. I may have a job or image in my mind and if I find the right stone, I can get it out of there." Limitations imposed by stone can create challenges with commissioned work. Scott explains, "I may accept a project and know what it is that I need to accomplish. The challenge comes in finding an appropriate stone to complete the job. I have to work with the material in order for the project to be successful. I like to explore forms and experiment with a lot of different material. Not every stone is cooperative. I do have a reject pile of stones. I think there is a fine line between success and failure, and you are not learning or growing as an artist if you never make mistakes. I am pretty much self-taught. My sculptures are collected around the world - all over the USA, Singapore, Sweden and Italy."

    Colin Fisher Studios is pleased to represent Scott Donadio exclusively in the desert. Scott has successfully branched out from his work with stone and creates extraordinary and many one-of-a-kind steel sculptures for both indoor and outdoor installation.

    “In the past 10 years, I have been focused on creating abstract sculptures in steel. I enjoy the process of working with steel and particularly appreciate the ability to create large scale pieces. My steel sculptures have been collected around the world, including Paris, Italy and of course throughout the U.S.”


    Colin Fisher Studios, Cathedral City, CA

    Peter Carter Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

    Fire House Gallery, Berkeley, CA

    Art City Gallery, Ventura, CA

    Art Basil, Miami Florida


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